tents are the most important things when it comes to comfort while camping. So whether you are camping in a jungle, in the middle of dessert or even by the lake, there are different aspects which you have to pay attention to. in this article, I go through some tips for comparing and finally choosing the best budget 4 season tent for your camping trip. moreover, if you are interested in the concept of stealth camping please let me know in the comments so that i can also write an article on how to choose the best stealth camping tent. I hope you enjoy.

best budget 4 season tent

1- best camping tent for 4 seasons

weather is really important while you will be camping outdoors. most of the time you don’t have an air conditioner. so you want to buy a tent appropriate for the high humidity, snow, rain, or even stormy weather. for that aim, the first thing you have to pay attention to is the number of windows on the tent. the number of windows usually depends on the size of the tent. some tents have 2 doors which make the air flow easier in hot summer days. and still, you should look for hot tents for winter camping. moreover, for camping in wet areas, you should have waterproof in mind. no one wants to wake up in the morning on a wet sleeping pad.

2- camping tent fabric material

If you are you want to buy a camping tent for longterm usage, then the material is the first thing to consider. if you care too much on the price, but not the material and lifetime, very soon you might have to pay for buying a new tent. most common fabric materials on the market are Cotton(Canvas), PVC coatedPolyester Cotton, Polyester, and Nylon. I suggest choosing the Polyester since it has a long lifetime, keeps you warm in winter and is perfectly waterproof. and last but not the least, it is the best for the money. Considering the point that tents are damaged mostly on icy situations you probabely should search for heavy duty winter camping tents.

3- camping tent weight

Whether you are a professional backpacker or you are a family going on a vacation the weight matters the most. depending on whether you are going on a hiking camping, a car camping or maybe even biking, your choices on the weight varies. in this article, we are suggesting the ultralight tents assuming you are going to use the tent for hiking camping.

4- camping tent sizes and capacity

Choosing the right size is simple. Firstly it depends on whether you are car camping or hiking. If you have a car then go with the largest one you can afford. Cause you won’t have a hard time carrying it and trust me, you are going to enjoy the extra space for your stuff or sleeping. In fact, i suggest you look for the best 6 person car camping tent you can find. it will be handy in the future. But if you are going to be on foot, even for a short distance then hence you have to be careful with the weight then choose a size for only one person more. For example, if it is you and your partner then buy a tent for 3.

5- best camping tents under 100$

the prices for the tents varies from around 20$ to more than 1000$. deciding for the price you are willing to pay for a tent can be hard. in the list below you can find your best backpacking tent for under 100 $. However, I suggest you firstly have the size, material, and weight in mind. that way after you made up your mind on these specifications, then it will be time for the price.

The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.

Jacob Lew

Now with the quote on our minds, let’s take a look at the budget camping tent options on the market :

1- Wenzel 5 person

A 5 person tent with very good reviews on Amazon. the price is 85$ which is definitely good for a 5 person tent with a lightweight. it has 2 doors and one window.it even has a hanging curtain which makes it perfect for two families.

check it out here

2-ALPS Mountaineering

This tent has good reviews on Amazon. But the price is still a little high. it is for 3 person and has 2 windows. The important point about this tent is being equipped with storage pockets, stakes, and gear loft. The price is 91$.

check it out here

3- Wenzel 3 person

the Wenzel is a well-known brand. this tent for 3 person, has a removable seam-sealed fly which is useful in hot summer days. the price is 80$ which is fair considering its light weight.

check it out here

4- Stansport McKinley Camping Dome Tent

It is one one of the cheapest ones you can find. the price is 36$. but pay attention that its fabric is polyethylene which has a shorter lifetime but still it is waterproof. It is for 3 person and has 2 large doors. I think it must be perfect for the money you pay.

check it out here

product price weight fabric season
Wenzel 5 person 84 $ 11.9 lbs polyester 3-4 Season
ALPS Mountaineering 91 $ 11 lbs polyester 4 season
Wenzel 3 person 79 $ 10 lbs polyester 3-4 Season
Stansport McKinley Camping 36 $ 8.4 lbs polyethylene 4 season

based on the table and the description we can see that the “Stansport McKinley Camping” is the best budget backpacking tent. but still, it is not the best quality or size you can find out there.

These tips are based on my own years of experience and research i have done. so i hope it will be useful for you.