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October 2018

Top 3 smallest sleeping bags when packed + 4 Tips

what can be more lovely than sleeping outdoors while camping in the wilderness? watching shiny stars in a black sky, till you fall asleep. SO SWEEEET. ha? But wait, what if it will be freezing out there? I tell you… Continue Reading →

how to keep food cold while camping

While camping outdoors, sometimes it is going to be hot. besides the unquestionable need for a cold drink, who wants to eat can food for three days straight? You really shouldn’t ignore fresh and raw vegetables, fruit and meat. Here… Continue Reading →

best budget backpacking and camping 4 season tents under 100$

Sticky post

tents are the most important things when it comes to comfort while camping. So whether you are camping in a jungle, in the middle of dessert or even by the lake, there are different aspects which you have to pay… Continue Reading →

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